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Class 7


Not only did they go to Florence to study the Renaissance, but they also saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa and went to Rome!

Don't ever say we do anything by halves!

Class 4



The day we cycled 20 miles. 

One of the things which we should try to do in Class 4 is follow a river to its source. This is often quite difficult to do, but living near Belfast makes part of this very possible. The Lagan Towpath, or the Lagan Navigation, is part of the River Lagan. I did not know that the River Lagan is PART of the Lagan Navigation - the latter follows the former, but cuts out the very curvy bits. We didn't follow it to the source, but on this cycle, the class had some kind of understanding about the important part which rivers play in our lives, not just for water and commerce, but wildlife and recreation as well. One of the nicest things which I head while I was cycling beside one of the students was, Stephanie, I have cycling slowly because then i can see everything. It is so beautiful here on the Lagan, I did not know this... awwww, isn't that sweet?

For a week now, the children did the Lagan and all the locks, the life on the Lagan and its history and wildlife. Then last Thursday, on bikes, we cycled 20 miles, there and back, seeing some completely amazing things along the way, in the bright bright sunshine! The first day of summer it was and the swifts had just returned, on that very day!!! Hooray!!!!


Good Luck Siobhan !


Good luck to Siobhan, from class 4 (10 yrs), at the British Gymnastics Championships near Manchester this Sunday!

Siobhan will represent Northern Ireland with her Gymnastics partner, Anna.

Very best of luck Siobhan, everyone at Steiner is very proud of you!

Class 5


We have an incredibly busy time in school with plenty of work as well as play! Here is a lovely photo review of what Class Five got up to in the past few weeks.

Learning about Geometry and Botany to making pancakes and playing in the snow during Forest School, there has never been a dull moment.

Currently Class Five are training for the Olympics. It is part of the Ancient Greek Main Lesson. The students meet up with other Steiner schools and they compete as city states at a four day camp-out in Crawfordsburn. After that all participants become Olympians!! As part of their training they run almost a mile a day just before they get down to the Main Lesson.

School Tour - 23 May 10:30 am


Northern Ireland's only Steiner Waldorf school will open its doors to families interested in exploring a tried and tested alternative to mainstream education on 23rd May at 10:30 am. The school, situated in Holywood, attracts pupils from across Northern Ireland, including Bangor and East Belfast, and caters for children from pre-school to GCSE age.

Stephanie Sim, who teaches at the school, says that the event will offer prospective parents the opportunity to speak to families attending the school and learn more about this unique learning environment. 

"Steiner education aims to nurture and develop students who are confident and interested in the world around them. In a Steiner school, students are not measured against others but challenged to imagine new ideas and think creatively and confidently supported by a curriculum which offers a wide variety of rich perspectives on the world we live in.

It is a curriculum which evolves through its innovative, inspirational and integrative approach to learning.

Through it a holistic approach to learning and life in an educational setting which balances intellectual, artistic and practical capacities, allows your child to realise their own capacity to explore, experience and excel in life in a modern world."

If you are interested in finding out more, come along for this walkthrough. One is held every Wednesday, however, holding a special walkthrough takes place on 23 May, where parents who have sent their children to the school will be present to chat about their own experience of the community and school. Call the office on 02890428029 to book your place

Teacher, Stephanie Sim, is pictured with two of her pupils, Tara Morrison and Luciano Lopez. 

Teacher, Stephanie Sim, is pictured with two of her pupils, Tara Morrison and Luciano Lopez. 

The Waldorf Whizzers - Run The Belfast Marathon


A newly formed parent running team 'The Waldorf Whizzers' are going to be running The Belfast Marathon to raise funds for the school. The Waldorf Whizzers was the initiative of parents, Anja Bisovitch, Laura Kerloch, Sarah Pandy, and Emma Foley. Their fifth runner is a friend from Camphill, Sujin Pyo.

As part of their training, Sujin, Sarah, and Anja meet most Saturday mornings at the Bangor park run. 

With your help, they are hoping to raise £1000 in the next two weeks.

The Belfast marathon is on Monday 7th of May and starts at 9 am from the city hall.

Good luck ladies! 



A few images of what went on this morning in school. (April 19th)


Just a few images of what went on this morning in school. Class Six does leather work as part of the Ancient Rome craft lesson and basket weaving is done by Class Nine, with the German exchange students. Class Six is current dong Minerology and Earth science. So we also pieced together what we though Pangaea would look like!



On what seemed like the first day of Spring, the families of the Holywood Steiner School got together, to celebrate our friendships, hang out and generally chill out.
We had traditional woodworking skills on the lawn, a cafe run by students, singing around a campfire and baked potatoes for all!

Watch out for details of our next great family day, coming in June, to which you are all invited!

Class 6


Map of the Roman Empire in 200 AD & other work from the Roman Main Lesson.

Class 2 & 7 Fundraiser


These bags will be available to buy at the Easter celebration (See events page) and in two Holywood shops - Iona & Chelletique from Monday 26th March.

There is also a red and blue version.