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United World College Scholarship for Isaac Byrne



Isaac Byrne, a pupil in our school since kindergarten, has recently been awarded a much sought after scholarship to the United World College, Atlantic Campus.

Here’s what Isaac has to say about the new chapter about to open in his life and some reflections on how he got here.

Isaac, what made you decide to apply to Atlantic College?

“I thought it was the best follow on for me and the College offer the International Baccalaureate which seems like a good choice for me. I probably incline more to scientific subjects but having always studied such a broad range of subjects here, I like the idea of continuing to learn a broader base of subjects before I decide where to put my energies.”

What does Atlantic College demand of its applicants and successful students?

“Well the interview process is pretty tough. It’s very competitive. There were only twenty five places and a huge number of applicants. I think they like to accept people who have not just academic skills but also show initiative in other aspects of their life. I got a full scholarship which is fantastic as it covers my fees and board while I’m in Wales.”

Do you have any long term plans yet?

“I think the world is my oyster! I have big ambitions and hope to follow Atlantic College with university, perhaps in the USA. I think my education here has made me confident enough to take on challenges like this and I feel that the field is wide open with possibilities.
I’m really looking forward to starting Atlantic College- but I will miss this school. It’s fostered so many positive qualities for me- independence, determination, self motivation and definitely confidence.”

Isaac is the third of our students to obtain such a scholarship in the past few years.
We wish him and his fellows in Class Eleven good luck in their GCSEs and in their choices for the next year.