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Class 4



The day we cycled 20 miles. 

One of the things which we should try to do in Class 4 is follow a river to its source. This is often quite difficult to do, but living near Belfast makes part of this very possible. The Lagan Towpath, or the Lagan Navigation, is part of the River Lagan. I did not know that the River Lagan is PART of the Lagan Navigation - the latter follows the former, but cuts out the very curvy bits. We didn't follow it to the source, but on this cycle, the class had some kind of understanding about the important part which rivers play in our lives, not just for water and commerce, but wildlife and recreation as well. One of the nicest things which I head while I was cycling beside one of the students was, Stephanie, I have cycling slowly because then i can see everything. It is so beautiful here on the Lagan, I did not know this... awwww, isn't that sweet?

For a week now, the children did the Lagan and all the locks, the life on the Lagan and its history and wildlife. Then last Thursday, on bikes, we cycled 20 miles, there and back, seeing some completely amazing things along the way, in the bright bright sunshine! The first day of summer it was and the swifts had just returned, on that very day!!! Hooray!!!!