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Why Steiner?

Why choose a Steiner Waldorf education for your child?

We chose to send our children to the Steiner School because we wanted them to learn in an environment that encouraged them as individuals with their own set of talents, interests and learning curves. While this was our foremost consideration, we really like the lateral approach to learning that is evident (weaving as a basis for numeracy, for example) and have also been impressed by the breadth of topics they cover, and the depth and enthusiasm with which they investigate them.
— Deirdre Morrison, Tranquil Space Designs

Picture a school which shares your ideals and aspirations for a nurturing educational experience for your child. This school responds to the needs of your child at each stage of development, in a carefully prepared way which is appropriate for her age. This environment fosters her creativity, her confidence and her capacity to care for the world she lives in.

Your child is not measured against others but challenged to imagine new ideas and think creatively and confidently supported by a curriculum which offers a wide variety of rich perspectives on the world we live in.

A curriculum which evolves through its innovative, inspirational and integrative approach to learning.

Here, your child is encouraged to develop a holistic approach to learning and life in an educational setting which balances intellectual, artistic and practical capacities, allowing your child to realise her own capacity to explore, experience and excel in life in a modern world.


Welcome to the Holywood Steiner School.

The flame enkindled in the child from the living fire of the teacher in matters that still lie, in a way, beyond his ‘understanding’, remains an active, awakening force throughout the child’s life.
— Rudolf Steiner