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Academic acheivement and test-based results will only get them so far. In order to be contributing and happy individuals, they also require confidence, creativity, flexibility, responsibility and a sensitivity towards those around them.

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In line with the Steiner ethos, the school has no head teacher and is managed by three groups (College, Staff and Management Council) who meet regularly to make decisions by consensus.

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The Steiner Waldorf Approach

This section describes key aspects of the SW approach, and looks at some of the unique ascpects of the way the curriculum is taught and organised.

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Why Holywood Steiner?

Reasons why parents send their children to Steiner schools.



Steiner Ethos

Find out more about the unique Steiner approach.

The Steiner approach has been proven over eight decades. Steiner education is now the largest independent educational movement in the world.

There are over 958 Steiner Schools and 1,600 Kindergartens in 56 countries, and 30 Steiner Schools and 56 Steiner Kindergartens in the UK alone.

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Each child is valued as an individual, not measured against others but encouraged to realise their own full potential.

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