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Holywood Steiner School Annual General Meeting
7:00 PM19:00

Holywood Steiner School Annual General Meeting

Dear Families and Friends of the Holywood Steiner School,

As the school year approaches its end, we turn to the business of our Annual General Meeting.

You will probably remember that last year we reported on changes in the charitable sector and how that would affect us. One year on we have become fully registered, have a new governing document and are actively seeking to develop our governance structures in line not only with what is required, but also what is considered best practice. 

Please see the attached documents relating to the Annual General Meeting (20th June, 2017) informing you of changes to the hosting of our Annual General Meeting, membership of Holywood Steiner School Limited and the recruitment of trustees, as required by both the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland and Company law. 

  1. Holywood Steiner School Articles of Association.
  2. Application Form for membership of Holywood Steiner School Limited. (Previously achieved through attendance at the AGM).Membership is required if you wish to attend the AGM and or table an item for the agenda therefore ensure that you return your application form by 9th June 2017
  3. Application Forms for members who wish to become Trustees.
  4. Role Description for members who wish to become Trustees

For this year only, you may complete your ordinary membership application at the door, on the evening of the AGM. 

You may submit both an application for membership and for trusteeship but cannot apply for trusteeship without becoming a member.

If you would like to exercise your member's right to table a point for the agenda however, you must have had your membership application submitted by 9-6-17 to allow time for any items you would like to add to the agenda to be considered. 

Members who wish to add items to the agenda must do so by 13th June, 2017, to this email address :  or in writing to the  Chairperosn of the Board of Trustees, 34 Croft Road, Holywood, BT18 0PR


The Board of Trustees would also like to invite applications from the newly defined group of members to join the Board. Application for Trusteeship involves a formal recruitment process. 

Please note that the trustees seek to recruit new trustees who can demonstrate a commitment to and/or expertise in the following areas:


Steiner Waldorf Education

Mainstream Education

Human Resource Management

Finance and Business

Safeguarding, including Health and Safety

Policy making and review

Marketing and outreach


Applications are welcome throughout the year but are particularly welcome now, as two of our current trustees will step down at this AGM.

The final agenda for the Annual General Meeting will be emailed to members by the 16th June.

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12:00 PM12:00

Celebrate Childhood with us...naturally

NCD 21-5-17.jpg

To celebrate National Children's Day, on Sunday, 21st May, the Holywood Steiner
Kindergarten invites you to join us for a day filled with natural play, at our unique Natural Childhood event.

Indoor lifestyle is having profound consequences on our children’s health, especially with regard to what has been called the ‘modern
epidemic’ of obesity.”
(Health survey for England 2008)

” In a single generation since the 1970s children’s ‘radius of activity’ - the area around their home where they are allowed to roam unsupervised- has declined by almost 90 percent.”
A study of children’s independent mobility.
London : Policy Studies institute 1990.

”No, our children don’t need more school. They need more play. If we care about our children and future generation we must reverse the
horrid trend that has been occurring over the past half century. We must give childhood back to children. Children must be allowed to
follow their inborn drives to play and explore, so that they can grow into intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically strong adults.”
— Dr Peter Gary, Research Professor of Psychology Boston college.

Natural Childhood Day
Sunday 21st May 12 noon - 3pm.

Free Admission

Please bring a picnic and dress for outdoor play.

Holywood Steiner School, 34 Croft Road, Holywood, BT18 OPR.

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Advent Garden
1:30 PM13:30

Advent Garden

In many Steiner-Waldorf schools, a very special winter festival takes place for the children. This is the advent spiral, a beautiful garden of candlelight which symbolises each individual receiving his or her light in this time of growing darkness.

As the waning days move towards their darkest at the Winter Solstice, our younger classes celebrate the coming of light with the Advent Garden. 

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Martinmas Lantern Walk
4:30 PM16:30

Martinmas Lantern Walk

Dear Families of Class 4,3,2,1, Kindergarten and Playgroup,
This Friday, 11th November, is the feast day of St Martin of Tours, or Martinmas.  We celebrate this in Steiner schools across the world as a lantern festival.  St Martin is best remembered as the kind man who shared his cloak with the beggar and through this act came to see that his true life purpose was in serving those less fortunate.  This motif continues to resonate in our modern times where need must still be met with compassion and our own tiny deeds of kindness may shine out into the world.

The children have all been busy making lanterns and learning songs, while Class Two has been preparing a small presentation of the story of Martin and the beggar.  Weather permitting we will meet on the gravel at the front of the school at 4.45pm on Friday to be ready for the presentation at 5pm followed by the procession of lanterns through the school grounds. In the event of heavy rain we will have the presentation in the hall and brave the elements afterwards for our procession.    

Our journey will end with a little refreshment.  Playgroup and Kindergarteners can ‘beg’ at the Kindergarten room, and classes   1 – 4 at Class One room.  We will finish with a song and aim to be heading home by 6pm.

It is advisable to wrap up warmly and to wear wellies as we are highly likely to encounter mud.  This is a family festival so the children should remain in your care during the lantern walk.  

Although our grounds are small, they can seem vast and magical by lantern light if all participating adults make an effort to maintain our awe and reverence for the occasion.

                                              ‘In heaven the stars are shining,
                                               On earth shines my lantern for me.’

Best Wishes,
The Festivals Team

P.S. Class Two children only: please assemble at our classroom by 4.30pm, thanks.

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Celebrate Natural Childhood with the Holywood Steiner School
12:00 PM12:00

Celebrate Natural Childhood with the Holywood Steiner School

Natural Childhood Day is how we share our belief in the child's right to play and explore the world of nature. Play is the foundation of learning in Early Years at the Holywood Steiner School and in natural play, our children have the chance to experience the real world and some real challenges.

Nurturing the child's sensory and movement organisation, imaginative faculties and social awareness, in the beautiful natural setting we provide, is an excellent basis for the healthy development of these essential foundations for life long learning.

We're inviting families who'd like to have a great afternoon of fun with their little ones to join us for woodland games, archery and crafts.

Click here for more information on Steiner Waldorf Early Years Education.


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Michaelmas Festival Half Day
8:45 AM08:45

Michaelmas Festival Half Day

The children will celebrate this autumn festival with a huge leaf dragon to be slain - after they have challenged themselves to be valiant through Class 8's ingenious games.

The Upper School will face the Colin Glen challenge again. High ropes are no problem for our intrepid teenagers.

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Natural Childhood Day
12:00 PM12:00

Natural Childhood Day

If we want children to flourish, to become truly empowered, then let us allow them to love the earth before we ask them to save it. Perhaps this is what Thoreau had in mind when he said, “the more slowly trees grow at first, the sounder they are at the core, and I think the same is true of human beings.
— David Sobel, Beyond Ecophobia

Experience the joy of outdoor play in a beautiful environment full of challenges and rich sensory stimulation.

Our Natural Childhood days are growing in popularity as parents strive to offer their children an alternative to screen time.

Come and join us for this free event.

Refreshments will be on sale during the afternoon.

Please make sure you dress for the outdoors. Wellies at the ready!

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